Rudy Pelletier

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Rudy was the third child born on June 15, 1956.  From around the age of 14, he worked for his father part time in the garage in Millinocket during school vacations.  He finally quit school in Fort Kent in his junior year at age 16 to work with him full time.  Though Rudy did not have a license, the logging roads were private so he was able to drive.  These were the early years of the business, known then as Gerald Pelletier, Inc.,  and Rudy was able to partner with his dad and help bring the business along, looking for opportunities such as trucking contracts and the purchasing of equipment for various jobs, always with an eye to other avenues that might expand and grow the business.

After driving steadily for 15 years, Rudy became foreman of the Fifth St. John camp. This was a turning point in the business when it really began to grow and became more involved in maintaining roads and expanded to harvesting for other landowners.

As the business grew larger with the addition of more brothers, it became necessary to form Pelletier Brothers, Inc. to go along with the father's company.  To this day Rudy remains committed to scouting for opportunities to grow the company with new contracts, along with co-owner, Eldon.  Rudy married Lisa Daigle on August 4, 1978 and they have two children, Jason, born in 1980 and Loni, born in 1982.  Rudy looks forward to the third generation's involvement in the business with son Jason and his nephews, hoping they will carry on the success of the current generations and says, "Keep on truckin!" Jason is a camp foreman in 5th St. John. He and his wife Amanda have been married since May 2009, and they had their first son in January of 2011.  Loni is a customer service Lead for a cell phone company, and was married to Joshua McLaughlin in August 2010. The couple is expecting their first child in June.