Jeff Pelletier

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Jeff, the next to youngest, was born on October 4, 1967 in Fort Kent, Maine. Starting at the age of 10, Jeff earned spending money working in the garage washing the trucks and sweeping the floor. When his brothers showed up with the trucks at night, he would refuel and re-service the trucks for the morning, enjoying it almost as playtime at that age. At 14, he tried to quit school to work in the woods but his parents wouldn’t let him. Two years later, Jeff was finally able to leave school legally, but when his father Gerald refused to hire him, he hauled potatoes and wheat for a local farmer in Fort Kent. At the time, his older brother Rudy gave him a hard time for quitting school but Rudy had also quit school at age 16 to drive trucks, making the two brothers the youngest to drive for the company business.

It wasn’t long before Gerald realized Jeff was serious about working for the family business. He hired him to drive trucks with reclaimed wood to the mill all night long on the Golden Road. Though he did not have a license at this time, the logging roads were private. When he turned 18, Jeff was officially put on the payroll and he began hauling wood out of the Fifth St. John camp to the Golden Road landing. Here his brothers hooked onto the double trailers and drove them to Millinocket mill. After 10 years at this job, he finally was promoted to haul the double trailers to the local area mills himself.   In 1996, Jeff became the parts manager and shop foreman, responsible for equipment and road maintenance at the Millinocket facility on the Golden Road.

At the age of 8, Jeff began to accompany his father to truck pulls.  His father drove a superstock truck that he had built and has since become a modified pull truck.   It was at that time, working side-by-side with his Dad, Jeff developed a love of horsepower. In the Summer months, Jeff can be found following the pull truck circuit taking him from Presque Isle to Fryeburg and smaller towns in between. Following in his fathers footsteps, Jeff has personally built a pro stock diesel pull truck known as Pelletiers Pride II.  Since 2002 he has been the Maine State and Northern Maine Penobscot Pullers Champ in the pro stock diesel class. He says he has learned a lot from following in his fathers footsteps and wishes to keep the family tradition going.

Jeff considers himself fortunate to witness the company’s continued growth and success.  He is quick to credit much of the company’s success to their loyal employees, recognizing without them the company would not be where it is today.  Jeff also credits the company’s success to his father’s foresight and ability to recognize the need to diversify operations.  Jeff takes get pride in his position within the company and strives to continue his father’s legacy by continuously seeking new opportunities to keep the company running efficiently whether in the shop, in the woods or out on the roads.     

Today, Jeff oversees Pelletier Manufacturing, where they build trailers, headboards, off-road fuel tanks and tool boxes. Every product is Manufactured with Pride.

Like his brothers, Jeff struggles to find a balance between work, home and family life.  Having grown up in a large family, Jeff credits his mother, Lena, for her role in raising the children, being a supportive and loving wife and helping Gerald’s vision become reality.  Lena was crucial in instilling many of the values and morals that Jeff continues to live by today.

Jeff understands and appreciates all it takes to raise children and always makes time for his daughters, Renee and Sophie.  Jeff has been fortunate to find love again with his fiance Kimberly and her son, Cameron.  Together they blend their families and share a home filled with much love and laughter.

It is with great optimism that Jeff views the future of Gerald Pelletier Inc., Pelletier Forest Products and the all new Pelletier Loggers Family Restaurant.