Wayne Pelletier

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Wayne Pelletier, born the youngest of the 9 Pelletier children on April 30, 1969, started working for his father at the age of 10. While attending schools in Fort Kent, Wayne would travel to Millinocket during school vacations to do odd jobs around his father's garage. He would help with the fueling and washing of trucks, sweeping through the shop, helping with maintenance of the machines and trucks, or driving off-road trucks if given the chance. Wayne says that when your last name is Pelletier and you have 6 older brothers already working for the company, you learn to do whatever it takes to make the company run!

In 1988, Wayne graduated from Fort Kent High School, packed up the next morning and started working full time for his father. Being the youngest, Wayne has always walked in his older brothers' footsteps. Arriving in Millinocket, one of his older brothers turned over the keys to a logging hauling truck, and off he went! He has hauled both single and double trailers throughout the woods of Maine and Canada for over 25 years. With a growing company and changes in the economy, Wayne parked his truck and began running a forwarder throughout the woods of Maine. Unfortunately, a few years later, Wayne would lose his father to a heart attack. On April 15th, 2002, Wayne parked the forwarder and returned to driving a logging hauling truck. This was not just any truck, however-- this was the truck that his father had been driving just a week prior to his passing.

In 1998, Wayne married his long-time girlfriend Sherrie (Bouchard) Pelletier. Wayne and Sherrie reside in Millinocket. Sherrie is an Office Coordinator for Millinocket Regional Hospital. They have no children, however, they have two beautiful goddaughters, Mikayla Glidden and Kendahl Ott. Wayne and Sherrie enjoy traveling, mostly on their Harley Davidson.

Wayne is proud to work for the company that carries his father's name. As his nieces and nephews have grown, most of his nephews have come onboard at the company. Wayne enjoys working alongside his nephews and says that it's fun to watch them step up to the plate, as he was once in their shoes.